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Hotsy Water Blast Offers the Widest Selection of Pressure Washers & Cleaning Systems in North America. If we Don't Sell It, We'll Build It!

We pride ourselves in being the industry leader in Hotsy Pressure Washers and industrial cleaning systems for over 40 years! We carry over 100 models of hot and cold Hotsy pressure washers, automatic parts washers, insulated caustic dip tanks and water treatment systems. If we don’t sell it, we build it! Hotsy Water Blast Manufacturing is not only known for carrying the most rugged and dependable name in pressure washers, we specialize in custom manufacturing industrial cleaning systems. From custom mobile solutions to custom large-scale wash bays, we guarantee to configure any cleaning system to suit your needs. We know that time is money so we carry the largest inventory of pressure washers, parts, accessories and offer mobile service to keep you up and running, which means no downtime!

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What our customers are saying

Our customers benefit from our experience and expertise which is part of being a Hotsy Certified All Star Dealer. We have been ranked the #1 Hotsy Dealer in Canada and the United States since 2002, but what do our customers say?


Thorough Cleaning and Maintenance

Hotsy’s service technician was here today he cleaned and replaced the pump on one of the small parts washers, he did such an amazing cleaning job! Don does great work. Thanks again!

- Russ Brown, Oliver Bowen Maintenance Facility, Calgary Transit Infrastructure, Calgary, Alberta

Consistent Excellence, 24/7 Service

I’ve been dealing with Hotsy Waterblast for over 15 years and they’ve always been excellent! I’ve come to know the staff and they’ve always opened their doors for me 24/7. I would never go t...

- Nealie Larocque, Safety Coordinator, Alliance Daylighters 2003 LTD, Calgary, Alberta


Commercial Pressure Washers & Cleaning Equipment


Your Trusted Pressure Washer Shop in Western Canada and Beyond

Looking to repair, service or replace your pressure washer? At Hotsy Water Blast, we do it all. Be it a hot pressure washer or a cold one, our experienced team has got the necessary tools, equipment and technical know-how to provide repair and maintenance services. We also offer mobile services, so you don't have to waste time. Currently, you can get great discounts on our products and services, including biodegradable detergents, pressure washers, hoses, trigger guns, wands and steam washers, among others. To know more about our promotions, give us a call.

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