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Leasing Pressure Washer

Leasing pressure washer equipment from Hotsy Water Blast

If your business needs a new pressure washer, leasing your equipment from Hotsy Water Blast is a great choice. This option means you can start working with your new machine today with no money down. In fact, leasing your pressure washing equipment provides you with all the benefits of owning a machine, but without the upfront cost of buying one.

Hotsy Water Blast offers several financing options. We can tailor your monthly payments to make them affordable for your business. To learn more about our leasing plans and how your businesses can take advantage of them, contact us today.

The advantages of leasing

You can benefit from leasing the pressure washing equipment you need in the following ways:

  • You may receive tax deductions. Lease payments are considered a business expense, and your business’s payments may be eligible as a tax write-off.
  • You can improve cash flow. Leasing allows you to avoid taking out a loan. With a lease, there’s no need to tie up capital or credit lines that you can use to finance other aspects of your business.
  • You can avoid equipment depreciation. Leasing means you’ll always have the latest pressure washer equipment. Once your machine starts to show signs of wear and tear, you can trade it for a newer model on your next lease.

Industries that benefit from leasing pressure washer equipment

Pressure washers have a variety of uses in many industries. However, they’re most commonly used for:

Hotsy Water Blast serves clients throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and North Dakota.

Pressure washer equipment and systems for lease

Hotsy hot water pressure washers run on either gas or electricity to suit any industrial situation. Our products have the power to clean and sanitize your job site and keep your business safe for your employees and your customers. Choose from high quality:

We also carry steamers, sanitizers, parts washers and a range of specialized detergents.

Leasing pressure washer equipment

Hotsy Water Blast is a trusted pressure washer dealer in North America. We offer leasing plans for terms of up to 60 months. Enjoy all the benefits of owning a pressure washer without needing to pay the upfront costs. We offer our leasing services from our locations in Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge, Red Deer and Grande Prairie, Alberta; Langley, British Columbia; Regina, Saskatchewan; and Williston and Bismarck , North Dakota. To lease a power washer, contact us today.