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Mobile Services

Prompt on-site repair and installation services

If your business’ cleaning equipment isn’t working properly, timely repairs are a must. Afterall, a bustling operation can’t afford a prolonged breakdown of essential machinery. For repair work done in a hurry, the professionals at Hotsy Water Blast are available. We have highly qualified technicians and 18 service trucks that are fully stocked with the parts and tools needed to do the job.

Our mobile team can also come to your site to install a new cleaning system, perform preventive maintenance and offer expert advice.

Contact us today for prompt, dependable installation and mobile pressure washer repair in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and North Dakota.


Businesses that benefit from our mobile services

If bringing your cleaning equipment to one of our locations isn’t an option, we’ll come to you. Our mobile services are ideal for businesses that have a stationary pressure washer system or one with natural gas connections. They’re also handy if you have complex venting or long water lines. In these circumstances, you need a reliable expert to service your system on-site if it breaks down or requires maintenance.

Our experienced technicians specialize in Hotsy pressure washer systems but are also able to service other types of cleaning equipment. This includes parts washers, car and truck washes and hydrovac systems. If you’re having a problem with your cleaning equipment, you can be sure that we have the solution.


Types of on-site services we offer

We provide the following on-site services for businesses in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and North Dakota:


  • On-demand service calls

If you’re having an issue with your cleaning equipment, one of our skilled local technicians is just a call away. With our fully stocked service trucks, we can come to your location to get your cleaning equipment back up and running quickly.


  • Replacement of parts and components

If you need a replacement part for your pressure washer system, we have you covered. We carry a full selection of Hotsy pressure washer parts at our various Hotsy Water Blast locations.

We can install the part on-site when needed. Alternatively, we can have it shipped directly to your facility (in Western Canada this typically means you’ll receive it within one business day).


  • Customer site assessments and installations

Do you need to get a new cleaning system installed? Whether you require a portable or stationary unit, our team will perform an on-site assessment to better understand your cleaning needs. Our design and engineering services and can provide you with a custom solution designed to meet your exact specifications.


  • Delivery and installation of accessories

Are you looking to upgrade your pressure washer system with a labour-saving attachment? We can deliver it to you on-site, perform any needed installation work and provide a product demonstration.


  • Preventive maintenance

To keep your cleaning equipment in optimal condition, you can sign up for our preventive maintenance program. Our technicians will come to your site regularly to inspect and service your machines, helping you to avoid costly breakdowns and workplace injuries.

Our scheduled maintenance appointments include a 50-point inspection that checks  your cleaning system’s pump, coil, engine or motor, and burner assembly. We also inspect your guns, hoses, reels, nozzles and other components for possible leaks and damage.


Our qualified technicians are just a phone call away

If you need mobile service for your pressure washer, hydrovac system or other industrial cleaning system, get in touch with Hotsy Water Blast today. As the leading Hotsy Dealer in Canada and the United States since 2002, we live up to our reputation for excellence with fast response times and outstanding service. Contact us today for immediate assistance.