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Hot Water Pressure Washers

Hot water pressure washers

Hot water pressure washers are designed to tackle the toughest cleaning challenges, from the grease and grime that builds up on heavy machinery to the layers of dirt, oil and sludge that stick to semi-trucks. Hotsy Water Blast carries a range of these pressure washers and our team can help you determine which one best meets your business’ needs. Get in touch with us to speak to one of our experts.

The difference between hot and cold water pressure washers

A hot water pressure washer is able to deliver superior cleaning power. While a cold water unit is effective at cleaning caked-on dirt and mud, it isn’t able to get rid of grease, oil or grime. In fact, blasting cold water on such residue only causes it to harden, thereby making the cleaning job more difficult. Hot water pressure washers, on the other hand, are able to cut through hard to clean surfaces. This makes them the most suitable option for the majority of commercial and industrial applications.

More about hot water pressure washers

Hot water pressure washers can be either stationary or portable. Stationary units are ideal for applications such as wash bays. Portable pressure washers, which are typically mounted on easy-to-manoeuvre trolleys, have a wider range of applications. There are also truck-mounted and trailer-mounted models for companies who do their cleaning from the back of a company truck, van or trailer.

Moreover, this type of pressure washer can be fuelled by electricity, gas or diesel. Electricity is the preferred choice for indoor applications, while gas and diesel are the best option for remote worksites.

Customization options for hot water pressure washers

Hot water pressure washers designed by Hotsy Water Blast can accommodate a large number of accessories, from hoses and hose reels to a variety of specialized nozzles, wands and guns. The team at Hotsy Water Blast can help you determine which pressure washer, accessories and set-up are right for your business.

Hotsy also carries over 50 types of specialized detergent.

Ideal applications for hot water pressure washers

In a variety of industries, including those pertaining to oil and gas, food processing, transportation, construction and agriculture, a hot water pressure washer is an invaluable piece of cleaning equipment. Here are some of the ways these washers are employed in various sectors:

  • On oil rigs, construction sites and farms, hot water pressure washers are used for a range of applications, including washing down heavy machinery. Only hot, pressurized water can get rid of the oil, grime and dirt that builds up on heavy-duty equipment.
  • In the food processing industry, hot water pressure washers are used to clean greasy surfaces. Since the combination of hot water and detergent is able to kill harmful bacteria, Hotsy pressure washers are also used to sanitize surfaces and ensure that facilities meet rigorous health standards.
  • In the transportation industry, hot water pressure washers are able to clean fleets of trucks with maximum efficiency. A quick rinse is able to get rid of the sludge, road grime, salt and other substances that contribute to the rusting and degradation of truck components.

Hot water pressures in Western Canada and beyond

If you need a top-quality hot water pressure washer for your business, look no further than Hotsy Water Blast. Our pressure washers are available to those in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and North Dakota. Contact us to learn more about our products and our comprehensive maintenance and program.