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Pressure Washer Rental

Pressure washer rental

If you need a pressure washer, but you don’t have the budget to purchase one or the space to store it, then a rental may be the way to go. At Hotsy Water Blast, we have a wide selection of gas and electric pressure washers that you can take to your job site and return the next day. We’re proud to offer our rental service to businesses in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan.

We aim to make your life easier, and renting one of our pressure washers is a convenient, economical way to get your major cleaning projects completed without the need to account for maintenance, repairs and storage of the required equipment. To inquire about our rental rates or get more information contact us today.

The advantages of renting a pressure washer

There are many benefits renting a pressure washer can provide for your business. This includes:

  • Stretching your budget further
  • Maintaining a backup machine for redundancy
  • Fulfilling a short-term contract or project

If there’s grease, oil and grime involved, nothing beats a hot water pressure washer to help blast the mess away.

Industries that benefit from pressure washer rental

Hotsy Water Blast products have many applications and are used by an array of businesses. We help professionals clean industrial-grade messes in a variety of industries, including in:

Hotsy hot-water pressure washers run on either gas or electricity to suit any industrial situation.

Pressure washer accessories and detergents

Hotsy Water Blast pressure washers have the power to clean and sanitize your job site. However, to customize your product of choice, you can also rent parts and accessories, including:

Plus, we also carry:

For top results, make sure to also select one of our 50 detergents. We offer a range of all-purpose cleaners and specialized sanitizing agents to meet your specific cleaning requirements. There’s one designed to suit every need. Simply ask a member of our staff if you require assistance in finding the right product.

Our pressure washer rental programs

At Hotsy Water Blast, we design gas and electric pressure washers that provide optimal results in even the harshest industrial environments and climates. Among our line of products, you’re sure to find a hot or cold water pressure washer that meets your needs and is available to rent. We have nine convenient locations to serve you from including our centres in Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge, Red Deer and Grande Prairie, Alberta; in Langley, British Columbia and Regina, Saskatchewan. Contact us today to arrange a short or long-term power washer rental.