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Quick Start Valves

Pressure washer quick start valves, also known as easy start valves, enhance the efficiency and usability of your gasoline-powered pressure washer. This feature is designed to simplify the starting process, making it more convenient for users to initiate their cleaning tasks. Hotsy Water Blast carries pressure washer quick start valves as part of our extensive inventory of parts and accessories. To add this special feature to your pressure washer, contact us today.

What’s a quick start valve?

Starting a gas-powered pressure washer can be a challenging task when using a pull cable to start it. This is because the system generates tremendous water pressure, which can make it difficult, and sometimes impossible, to start the engine if it doesn’t start on the first pull. To overcome this issue, you need to release pressure in the unit by pulling the wand trigger while simultaneously pulling the start cable. However, this can be cumbersome and awkward.

A quick start valve can sense when the line pressure increases and direct the water into a bypass to offset this pressure. The water can then be redirected back to the water inlet or drained onto the ground. By redirecting the water to a bypass, less load is put on the pump and engine, which makes start-up easier by eliminating back pressure. Once the pump is running, the valve will close automatically.

Benefits of using a quick start valve with your pressure washer

Installing a quick start valve on your Hotsy pressure washer has numerous advantages, including:

  1. Effortless starting. The primary advantage of a quick start valve is its ability to simplify the starting process. Rather than engaging in strenuous pull-start actions, a single, smooth pull is typically all that’s required. This is particularly valuable for professionals looking for a hassle-free and efficient cleaning.
  2. Reduces wear and tear. Quick start valves eliminate the need for forceful pull-starts, thereby reducing wear and tear on the pressure washer’s components. A smoother starting process puts less strain on the engine and related parts, potentially extending the lifespan of the equipment. This can help you save on maintenance.
  3. Reduces amp draw on motor start-up. The inclusion of a quick start valve isn’t only about convenience but also efficiency. It plays a crucial role in reducing the amp draw on motor start-up, which minimizes the electrical load when initiating the pressure washer. This contributes to energy efficiency and ensures a smoother and more controlled start-up process.

Pressure washer parts and accessories in Western Canada and North Dakota

If you’re looking for an efficient cleaning solution to optimize your workflow, incorporating a Hotsy pressure washer with a quick start valve can significantly elevate your pressure washing experience. Contact us today to find a Hotsy Water Blast location near you or download our parts catalogue.  We’re located in Edmonton , CalgaryLethbridgeRed DeerGrande Prairie, Langley, Regina, Williston and Bismarck, North Dakota.