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Waste Water Recycling

Find Waste Water Recycle Systems in North America

Treat waste water with a water recycle system from Hotsy Water Blast’s sister company Cascade Water Recycle Systems. Waste water recycle systems can easily collect and process dirty or oily water for its treatment and reuse. The whole water treatment takes place automatically, collecting the waste water inside the system where reagents kill bacteria and odours as well as remove pollutants, such as oil or sludge, and neutralize the water’s pH.

All of the systems available through Cascade Water Recycle Systems are environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and available with accessories like oil skimmers and separators, above ground pit systems, ozone and bacteria control features, and additional treated water storage capacity. We understand that each industry is unique and that your water recycling systems should reflect that. That’s why we offer customization of your water recycle systems.

Visit the Cascade Water Recycle Systems website to learn more about the water recycle systems available for Canadian and USA customers. Have questions? Contact us today.

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