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Waste Water Recycling

Make your business more sustainable and profitable with a wastewater recycling system from Hotsy Water Blast. Our industrial wastewater recycling systems clean dirty wash water, making it suitable for reuse.

Hotsy Water Blast is an authorized supplier of Water Maze and Cascade wastewater recycling treatment systems and can size a system to fit your specific needs. Contact us today at one of our nine locations across Western Canada and North Dakota or get a quote by filling in our online form.

How does a wastewater recycling system work?

Industrial wastewater recycling systems use a combination of technologies to make wastewater clean enough to reuse.

  • Mechanical filters trap and remove large particles like grass clippings, silt and sand from the water.
  • Electrocoagulation removes emulsified oils and heavy metals using low-voltage DC.
  • Bioremediation uses biological agents to turn environmental pollutants like total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH), herbicides, insecticides and pesticides into harmless water and carbon dioxide.
  • Evaporators create temperatures up to 1100 C to flash boil the wastewater. The concentrated waste is collected in the tank bottom and automatically removed.

Your water recycling system can incorporate one or all of the above processes, depending on your goal. Our systems come with accessories like oil skimmers and separators, above-ground pit systems, ozone and bacteria control features and additional capacity for storage of treated water.

Who benefits from wastewater recycling?

Many industries benefit from wastewater recycling and already profit from reusing their industrial wash water:

Hotsy Water Blast can help you find the perfect commercial or industrial wash water recycling system for your needs. Our design and engineering services and pressure washer installation team will quickly get your unit running. We also offer a pre-scheduled maintenance program to protect your equipment and your investment.

How recycling wastewater can increase profits

When you use a wastewater recycling system, not only will you be reducing your company’s carbon footprint, but you’ll also save money and increase profits. Reusing your industrial wash water can significantly reduce your consumption of municipal water services and drastically lower your annual water bills. Moreover, wastewater recycling can save your company money on sewer costs and help you avoid fines and regulatory litigation.

Wastewater recycling system installation in Western Canada and North Dakota

If you want to recycle your wastewater, invest in a water recycling system from Hotsy Water Blast. As a supplier of industrial wastewater recycling systems, we’ll design a custom system with a leading industry manufacturer.

Contact us today to learn more about wastewater recycling at one of our nine locations in Alberta: EdmontonCalgaryLethbridgeRed DeerGrande Prairie; in British Columbia: Langley; in Saskatchewan: Regina; in North Dakota: Williston and Bismarck.