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Liquid Handling

We are Proud to Offer NORWESCO Polyethylene Liquid Storage Tanks

Polywest is the largest Canadian distributor and one of North America’s largest distributors of NORWESCO polyethylene tanks. NORWESCO, Inc. is North America’s leading manufacturer of proprietary rotationally molded polyethylene tanks for agricultural, water, closed-top industrial and below ground septic and cistern applications. Polywest distributes NORWESCO tanks from three locations strategically located in the Canadian Prairie Provinces. Each of our locations stock a wide variety of NORWESCO tanks and we are able to source our tanks from all 15 NORWESCO plants and ship them to customers across North America.

Fiberglass Liquid Storage Tanks

Fiberglass liquid storage tanks are fast becoming the standard in the agricultural industry. Made using the most advanced fiberglass manufacturing technique in North America, our tanks feature a 4-Layer composite design that has set the industry standard for over 40 years.

Composite 4-Layer Fiberglass Design

A C-Veil inner liner of chemical / corrosion resistant resin. Corrosion barrier of resin layers and high strength chopped fiberglass. High strength structural wall of filament wound glass strands intermixed with fiberglass and resin. Exterior coat of chemical / corrosion resistant, weatherproof resin with a UV inhibitor.


As with any modern engineered product, our fiberglass tanks can be modified to suit just about any application. Whether you require a sloped floor or the ability to walk on the top of the tank itself, our fiberglass tanks are literally made-to-order should a standard tank not suit your needs. Consult your sales representative for more information.

Elliptical Leg Tanks

Elliptical Leg TanksThis elliptical tank style is designed to provide the greatest capacity with the lowest centre of gravity, making it the best design available for transporting larger volumes. NORWESCO elliptical tanks feature molded-in legs and flow-through baffles which work together to reduce sloshing and provide increased stability during transport. All NORWESCO elliptical leg tanks require full length support as well as support bands.

Pickup Truck Tanks

Pickup Truck TanksDesigned to fit full-size pickups, the 325 and 425 sizes have low profiles for better rear vision. They feature fill openings offset to the side of the tank for safety and easy access. A tough circular design adds strength. The 225 model fits both small pickups and full-sized models.

Cone Bottom Tanks

Cone Bottom TanksCone Bottom Tanks For Steel Stands – NORWESCO offers a full range of cone bottom tanks designed for a variety of applications. The conical bottoms enable quick and complete drainage. As with all NORWESCO tanks, the cone bottom tanks are molded of rugged, high density polyethylene and are both impact and chemical resistant. Steel stands must be ordered separately.

Cone Bottom Tanks in Poly Stands – Made from the same rugged, high density polyethylene as our standard cone bottom tanks, these tanks come mounted in a polyethylene stand. Each stand features full conical support and offers unmatched corrosion resistance. All models of cone bottom tanks in poly stands can also be ordered without the stand.

Elliptical Sprayer Tanks

Elliptical Sprayer TanksDesigned for larger volume applicator needs, the NORWESCO elliptical tanks feature a low profile design and a low centre of gravity for excellent visibility in the field and increased stability when towed. A deep sump permits complete drainage and the tanks feature an 8″ or 16″ fill-opening. Tanks listed as having two fittings include (x1) bulkhead and (x1) anti-vortex. Steel saddles must be ordered separately.

Low Profile Tanks

Low Profile TanksNORWESCO low profile tanks are suitable for storage and transport applications. Every tank is approved for use with potable water and is ideal where available height is limited, like under cottages or decks. The deep ribbing provides extra strength and helps to reduce sloshing when used as a transport tank. Each tank has numerous locations suitable for fittings.

Vertical Storage Tanks

Vertical Storage TanksVertical storage tanks are most frequently used for bulk storage and mobile nursing applications. NORWESCO vertical tanks feature tie-down slots, built-in graduated gallon indicators, an offset fill-opening and a self-vented, slosh-proof lid.

Indoor Potable Water Tanks

Indoor Potable Water TanksThese NORWESCO tanks have been specifically designed with residential, commercial and cottage applications in mind. Each tank’s dimensions allow it to fit through conventional doorways and stairwells. The 315 and 420 gallon models come complete with a steel support frame. Suitable sized bulkhead fittings can be installed in numerous locations on each tank.

Hippo Leg Tanks

Hippo Leg TanksThe Hippo leg tank is an ideal water transport tank with its low profile design and multiple legs which help reduce sloshing. The Hippo tank also features an off-set fill-well to make filling easier. The Hippo comes in both natural (white) and black.

Cylindrical Sprayer Tanks

Cylindrical Sprayer TanksAll NORWESCO cylindrical sprayer tanks feature a lid which threads directly into the fill-well of the tank to help prevent the sloshing or leaking of tank contents during transport or application. All tanks have a sump installed fitting to permit complete drainage. Tanks listed as having two fittings include (x1) bulkhead and (x1) anti-vortex. Steel saddles must be ordered separately.

Mix & Fill / Inductor Tanks

Mix & Fill / Inductor TanksNORWESCO inductor tanks are suitable for mixing chemicals when filling a larger tank. The tanks feature a lid which threads directly into the fill-well of the tank to prevent the sloshing or leaking of contents during transport or application. Steel stands must be ordered separately.

Open Top Cylindrical Tanks

Open Top Cylindrical TanksThe seamless cylindrical containers are ideal for handling liquids, granular material and powders. The chemical resistant tanks are rated for the storage of potable water.

Spot Sprayer Tanks

Spot Sprayer TanksNORWESCO spot sprayer tanks feature threaded inserts on bottom of the tank for mounting purposes, on one side for hand wand / spray gun placement and on top for mounting a standard 12V demand pump.

Total Drain Tanks

Total Drain TanksWhen total drainage in a small application is needed, these are the tanks of choice. The 5 and 10 US gallon models have sloped bottoms with a 1-1/4″ spin-weld fitting. The 12 US gallon model has a sump located in the centre with a 3/4″ fitting.

PCO (Pest Control Operator) Tanks

PCO (Pest Control Operator) TanksA multi-purpose tank, the PCO is well suited for nursery, agricultural and lawn care applications. These tanks feature self-supporting legs and do not require any saddles or steel supports. Flat spots are molded into both ends to provide mounting areas for agitation equipment.

Mini Bulk Tanks

Mini Bulk TanksOur mini bulk tanks feature built-in, graduated gallon indicators and slosh-proof lids. A 2″ fitting installed across from the lid is standard on the mini bulk tanks. A standpipe locator is built into the floor of the tank and both sizes fit on standard pallets.