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Pressure washer thermostats and high-limit snap switches

Enhance the efficiency and safety of your pressure washer cleaning systems with thermostats and high-limit snap switches from Hotsy Water Blast. Designed to optimize performance, enhance safety and ensure longevity, our pressure washer parts and accessories deliver solutions for cleaning systems in Western Canada and North Dakota. Contact us today to learn more about our products.

Pressure washer thermostats

 Harness unparalleled control over your hot water pressure washer’s water temperature with our range of pressure washer thermostats. A two-metre electrical wire lead ensures quick response times and consistent temperature regulation, preventing burners from overheating. Additionally, you can adjust to temperatures up to 120 C (240 F), making it a reliable and efficient solution for various cleaning needs. Other key features of our thermostats include:

Analog and digital options. Options range from analog to digital, ensuring flexibility and compatibility with various applications.

Versatile power options. Our digital thermostats operate seamlessly on 120V AC, 12-24V AC / DC, providing adaptability to different power sources.

Temperature sensitivity. Engineered with different sensitivities to meet specific application requirements, these thermostats regulate water temperature by controlling the burner circuit, delivering consistent heat for your pressure washer.

Precision control. Digital thermostats offer precise temperature control, allowing customization according to your pressure washer cleaning systems’ specific demands.

Whether you’re tackling industrial cleaning tasks or other applications, these thermostats are indispensable for maintaining optimal performance.

Pressure washer high-limit snap switches

Our pressure washer high-limit snap switches provide an additional layer of safety to your cleaning systems. When they detect temperature increases beyond safe thresholds, the switch automatically shuts off the burner to prevent the water from overheating and possibly flashing to steam. Features include:

  • Non-adjustable design. Set to open the burner circuit at a predetermined temperature, these switches automatically shut down the heater to prevent overheating. They’re rated for use up to 170 C (340 F).
  • Easy installation. Half inch external thread connects for attaching conduit or PVC wire connectors. Other snap switches have lead wires provided.
  • Industrial-strength design. The switches feature heavy-duty brass housing with a 7,000 PSI collapse rating.
  • Fail-safe device. Used with another adjustable or fixed range thermostat which regulates water temperature. The switch prevents the pressure washer from turning back on until the water has cooled to 10 to 20 C (50 to 70 F).

Pressure washer parts and accessories in Western Canada

 At Hotsy Water Blast, we have the most extensive inventory of pressure washer parts and accessories in North America, with over 10,000 unique parts and 1,200 pressure washers in stock. Contact us today to find a Hotsy Water Blast location near you, or download our parts catalogue. We have seven convenient locations in Canada, including Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge, Red Deer, Grande Prairie, Langley and Regina, plus two in the United States in Williston and Bismarck.