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Automatic parts washer

Automatic parts washer

Using an automatic parts washer allows you to save time and money on operations that involve cleaning machine parts and vehicle components. At Hotsy Water Blast, we offer front-load and top-load automatic parts washers made by Storm King. These are the top-quality automatic parts washers on the market. Here’s some of what you should know about Storm King automatic parts washers.


How they work

An automatic parts washer uses pressurized hot water and specialized detergents to wash away dirt, grime, grease, oil, carbon stains, metal shavings and more. In the machine’s closed front-loading or top-loading compartment, the parts are rotated on a turntable and blasted with hot, soapy water.

A Storm King automatic parts washer can clean just about any material including steel, aluminum, plastic and rubber. And it cleans both small and large parts, from the biggest engine block to the tiniest screw. Models have load capacities ranging from 500 pounds to 5,000 pounds. Nonetheless, the unit is compact and transportable.


How they save you money

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, technicians spend an average of half an hour per day washing parts. Factoring in the hourly wage of technicians, this comes out to about $6,000 a year paid to a single technician. One Storm King automatic parts washer can handle the cleaning needs of up to four technicians in a shop. The price of the unit is usually recouped in six to 12 months.


Who should use them?

An automatic parts washer is a worthwhile investment for any business that currently uses employees to clean machine or vehicle parts. This includes those in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Printing
  • Oil and gas
  • Heavy equipment
  • Railroad


How they protect employees and the planet

Workers who manually wash parts usually use petroleum-based solvents. These products are flammable, toxic and known carcinogens. In addition, they contribute significantly to air pollution.

The Storm King automatic parts washer uses an aqueous cleaning system, which is a safe, effective and eco-friendly alternative to solvent-based cleaning processes.


What accessories are available?

A Storm King automatic parts washer is customized to meet your specific cleaning needs. Here are just a few of the available accessories:

  • A drop down spray bar allows you to accommodate different heights of parts.
  • Parts trees and posts onto which the user can chain or hook parts to facilitate cleaning
  • Small and large parts baskets for nuts, bolts and other small parts


What detergents are available?

Storm King offers automatic parts washer detergents for diverse applications. For example, the TUBMATE all purpose powder is optimized for the removal of grease, oils, dirt and carbon-based iron and steel deposits. It also contains a corrosion inhibitor that protects parts from rusting. And if you need to dissolve paint and powder coatings a biodegradable alkaline liquid stripper is available.

Hotsy Water Blast carries a full selection of automatic parts washer detergents. Our technicians can help you determine which one is best suited for your business.


Industrial cleaning with Hotsy Water Blast

Hotsy Water Blast can assist you with your commercial and industrial cleaning needs. To learn more about the Storm King automatic parts washer, turn to our experienced team. Contact us at our Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Grande Prairie, Langley, Regina, Bismarck, or Williston location today.