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Read Why Customers Choose Hotsy Water Blast

The No. 1 Hotsy Dealer in Canada and North America since 2002, Hotsy Water Blast not only provides you the top pressure washers in the business, we also create custom solutions to meet the unique needs of your application. If you are looking for wash bay systems, trailer and truck-mounted mobile units, automatic parts washers or specific parts and accessories, we have you covered. Our success is seen in the many satisfied customer we have enjoyed over the years. If you would like to supply your own feedback, please feel free to use our convenient contact form.

Consistent Excellence, 24/7 Service

I’ve been dealing with Hotsy Waterblast for over 15 years and they’ve always been excellent! I’ve come to know the staff and they’ve always opened their doors for me 24/7. I would never go to another outfit, never! I can’t say enough good things about Hotsy Waterblast. There’s not very many people who make themselves as available and are willing to solve the problem. Anyone else would have some pretty big shoes to fill.

Nealie Larocque, Safety Coordinator, Alliance Daylighters 2003 LTD, Calgary, Alberta

Thorough Cleaning and Maintenance

Hotsy’s service technician was here today he cleaned and replaced the pump on one of the small parts washers, he did such an amazing cleaning job! Don does great work. Thanks again!

Russ Brown, Oliver Bowen Maintenance Facility, Calgary Transit Infrastructure, Calgary, Alberta

Help is only a phone call away

When I started my business, I thought Hotsy was too expensive and bought equipment from their competitor. I soon learned that the price was cheaper but the after-sales support was too. I switched to Hotsy Water Blast and now have a salesman that is genuinely interested in taking care of my equipment needs. If my equipment is down, help is only a phone call away and I’m not down for long. Now I refer Hotsy to everybody I know.”

Brian Yacke, Owner, Arrow Steaming, Edson, Alberta

Fast Response for Parts and Service

I have worked with the Red Deer Hotsy branch for over 6 years now, and overall have been quite happy with their service, response time, as well as their troubleshooting and problem-solving expertise. I have never had an issue with waiting too long for parts or service. I have, and would again highly recommend this branch to anyone who would be interested in a great service experience.

Doug Nessman, Building Operations Coordinator, MacBain, Red Deer, Alberta

Reduce down time with Hotsy service

Hotsy has always been great to deaf with. They always let me know what is going on. I had a lot of pump problems in the past and other companies could not fix them but when I call hotsy they don’t have any problem coming here and repairing them. Since getting them to do my pump repairs my down time on my pumps has reduced enormously and the amounts of call outs have dropped also. Once they fix something it does not have the same problem. They are a great company to deal with and always arrive in a timely fashion.

Klaas Kikstra, Shop Foreman, Trican Well Service LTD, Red Deer, Alberta

Skilled and helpful professionals from Hotsy in Bismarck

I have nothing but good things to say about Hotsy, Bismarck …Professional and knowledgeable about the product and always helpful…They have always treated me right.

Matt MacEachern, , Roughrider Oilfield Services, Belfield, North Dakota

Parts and accessories always in stock

My Hotsy dealer is always there with parts, helpful suggestions and technical knowledge when I need it.

Scott Holcomb, PIC Apex, Mound City, South Dakota

If you need a pressure washer, you need Hotsy!

Now I refer Hotsy to everybody I know.

Kevin Enzminger, Trucks of Bismarck, Bismarck, North Dakota

Dependable service

Reliability is key. We have a Hotsy on every floor of our coal wash plant and if we need service, all I have to do is pick up the phone.

Rick Charles, Maintenance Supervisor, CVRI Coal Valley Mine, Edson, Alberta

Hotsy understands business needs

Dundas Oilfield Services LTD supply our services to the Alberta Oil Patch and this industry demands service. Service from our staff and equipment is what we give. We deal with people and companies that give the same in return. We have to! That is why we deal with people like Devon and the staff at Hotsy Water Blast Calgary. They understand this need and we are like partners in Business.

Glen Dundas, Dundas Oilfield Services LTD, Calgary, Alberta