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Design and Engineering

Pressure washer design and engineering services in Western Canada

As the top-ranked Hotsy dealer in Canada and the United States, Hotsy Water Blast carries more than 100 models of pressure washers and industrial cleaning systems. We also custom-design cleaning equipment to meet your exact specifications.

In other words, if we don’t sell it, we’ll build it for you. With a full-time engineer on staff, we can guarantee the expertise and support you need for a custom-manufactured pressure washer unit. Contact us today to discuss a cleaning solution for your business.


Custom solutions for your cleaning needs

If you don’t know what type of cleaning system your business requires, don’t worry. Our first step is always to send one of our cleaning consultants to your facility for a thorough evaluation. With more than 40 years of industry experience, we’re uniquely qualified to configure equipment for any cleaning application.

We also know that precise engineering and design are critical to the proper installation of an effective cleaning system. That’s why we take pride in designing efficient systems that operate at a reasonable cost. If you’re looking for custom-manufactured cleaning equipment in Calgary, Edmonton or anywhere in Western Canada or North Dakota, you can count on the team at Hotsy Water Blast.


What type of machine is right for you?

Your cleaning needs are unique, whether you work in agriculture, oil and gas, mining, construction, manufacturing or any other industry where surfaces get coated in dirt, oil and grime. Here are a few questions to help you determine the type of cleaning equipment that best suits your needs.

  • Are you cleaning grease and oil? If the surface you want to clean is covered in oil or grease, you’ll need a hot water system to remove it.
  • Will many people use the equipment? Since multiple users increases the likelihood of damage, malfunctions and downtime, you’ll want a rugged cleaning system equipped with an automatic shutdown timer.
  • Do you need a portable system? If you want to be able to clean every corner of your facility or move your cleaning system between sites, you need a portable model. However, if the site has natural gas, a stationary system offers more cost-effective operation. It can also be outfitted with hose extensions and wireless control that works up to 300 feet away.
  • Do you want to transport the system? If you frequently move between job sites, a pressure washer that can be fixed to the back of a truck or trailer is highly convenient. Hotsy Water Blast offers custom cleaning systems that can be mounted on trucks, trailers, skids and hydrovac trucks.
  • Do you need a custom configuration? If your company has specific cleaning needs, let one of our experts evaluate your cleaning requirements and propose a custom solution.


Pressure washer design and engineering services for your facility

If you need an affordable pressure washer system with superior cleaning power, turn to the experienced team at Hotsy Water Blast. We offer custom cleaning solutions for businesses like yours in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and North Dakota. Contact us today for more information about the custom equipment we’ve designed or to begin building for your cleaning system.