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Hoses and Reels

High Pressure Hoses Improve Your Cleaning Equipment at Calgary’s Hotsy Water Blast

At Hotsy Water Blast, we have factory made high pressure hoses to complement an already functional cleaning equipment system in Calgary and across Western Canada. To get the tough jobs done right, Hotsy’s high pressure hoses are the strongest and toughest in the business. Our Tuff-Skin™ hose is seven times more abrasion resistant than other standard pressure washing hoses. While also being 20% more flexible, these hoses can handle up to 6000 psi of pressure. With unique wire braiding, our high pressure hoses offers unmatched durability, greater working pressure, and higher impulse cycles in both double- and single-wire products. Each hose features a “bite-the-wire” coupling that is able to reach down to the wire braid in order to grip the hose better than any other design. Finished with an easy-to-identify, permanently embossed identification, tracing the hose to its owner is never a challenge.

High-Pressure 1-Wire 3000 PSI
High-Pressure 2-Wire 6000 PSI

High Pressure Hoses Double as Powerful Steam Hoses

Our high-pressure hoses are capable of withstanding a wide range of extreme temperatures from -40° to 275°F, and up to 350°F intermittently. This means that a Hotsy hose doubles functionality as a high-temperature steam hose. Specifically, these hoses will function as steam hose lines at up to 350°F when the pressure is at 350 psi or less. Steam hoses are available in lengths from 25’ up to 100’, and are fitted with 3/8” solid connections at both ends.

Durable, Multi-Purpose Hose Reels

Calgary’s Hotsy Water Blast knows that the most effective pressure washer requires an equally effective reel to retrieve and store the hose. Our reels come in a variety of styles and functions to accommodate whatever job you need to do. From versatile swivel to sturdy one piece units, these durable and affordable reels will adapt to most other Hotsy hoses and products. Each reel features various unique functions to help you do the best job possible. From hand crank and motorized retrieval methods to locking pin systems, there is a specific reel that performs best for any scenario. Holding from anywhere between 100’ to 300’ of hose, each Hotsy reel ensures that there will always be enough hose to get the job done.

Hotsy Water Blast Pressure Washer Hose

Safety Features
Our high pressure hoses offer a number of safety features to not only ensure that the best job gets done, but that you and your operators remain accident free and able to continue working hard. The following safety engineering features on both our hoses and reels are designed to prevent on-the-job accidents:

High pressure hoses

  • A 24” plastic sleeve on each end of the hose to protect against high-pressure bursts
  • High temperature bend restrictors
  • 7 times abrasion resistance
  • 20% more flexibility

Hose reels (various models)

  • Locking pin systems to prevent de-reeling and rotation during transport or storage
  • Rolled, beaded-edge flanges
  • Adjustable tension break to prevent “free-wheeling”

Trust the innovative advancements in Hotsy products when improving your cleaning equipment system. From high pressure hoses that can endure extreme temperatures and acute pressures to reels that provide a wide range of functionality, the perfect alignment of products is possible to meet your exact needs. Download our Parts Cataloguetoday or Contact Hotsy Water Blast to order your cleaning equipment system today.

Hotsy Hose Reel