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AB Scheduled Maintenance Agreement

To start your scheduled maintenance program, call your local branch (listed below).

We propose to provide scheduled maintenance services for your equipment at scheduled intervals agreed to below:

1. Fees include replacing a standard spray nozzle, replacing the micro switch, changing out the pump oil, adjusting all belts and all grease required. All additional lubricants, fuids, flter cartridges, parts and materials required will be billed out at prevailing prices.

2. Additional maintenance service is scheduled or performed only upon authorization. Additional labor, travel and parts required will be billed at prevailing prices. Scheduled maintenance rate includes travel time and machine inspection.

3. The machine must be available promptly for servicing upon arrival of mechanic at location or an additional labor charge will be made for waiting time. A suitable place must be provided to permit the mechanic to work on machines unrestricted by space limitations and other interferences.

4. The equipment to be serviced under this agreement is listed below. Additions and deletions will be made to the agreement as required and agreed to by both parties.

5. This is not a contract, it is an agreement. It can be canceled at anytime by either party without penalty.

  • The TOTAL AGREEMENT price is $260.00 per visit effective and auto renewing on the anniversary of each year, unless other specified. AGREEMENT payment(s) are due on receipt of invoice from WATER BLAST MANUFACTURING LP.