Dangers of pressure washing

 Hotsy  Monday, April 23, 2018
At Hotsy Water Blast Manufacturing LP (/), we know that a pressure washer makes difficult jobs easier. But no amount of convenience is worth risking the safety of a person. That’s why we recommend safety first when using or performing maintenance on cleaning equipment (/products/cleaning-equipment) to all our customers in Calgary, Bismarck, Vancouver and everywhere else in North America. The O ..

Why it’s essential to clean your eavestroughs regularly

 Hotsy  Monday, April 23, 2018
At Hotsy Water Blast Manufacturing LP (/), we offer cleaning equipment (/products/cleaning-equipment), such as a pressure washer (/pressure-washers/), to everyone from British Columbia to Saskatchewan, from Vancouver to Calgary. We know that the number of ways you can use a pressure washer in both commercial and home settings is virtually endless. With all the accessories you can find, the use ..

Accessory Spotlight: Undercarriage Cleaner

 Hotsy  Thursday, March 29, 2018
At Hotsy Water Blast Manufacturing LP (/), we take pride in the versatility of our pressure washers (/pressure-washers/). Not only can we custom design and construct a pressure washer to fit your or your business’s needs, we also offer a wide variety of parts and accessories (/products/cleaning-equipment/parts) everywhere from Vancouver, British Columbia to Edmonton and Saskatchewan that furth ..

Accessory Spotlight: Flat Surface Cleaner

 Hotsy  Wednesday, March 28, 2018
If you’ve ever used a pressure washer (/pressure-washers/), you already know how much time they can save you for even the toughest cleaning jobs. Did you know, however, that we at Hotsy Water Blast Manufacturing LP (/) also offer a number of pressure washer parts and accessories (/products/cleaning-equipment/parts)? These additions and replacements make your machine even more efficient when it ..

How mineral build-up can affect your washer's coil

 Hotsy  Monday, March 19, 2018
Unless you’re using pure, distilled water to clean your transportation fleet, you’re probably running hard water through your Hotsy Water Blast (/) pressure washer (/pressure-washers/). Most water in Canada, including Vancouver and Calgary, is “hard” to some degree. All it means is that there are trace amounts of normally harmless minerals in the public water supply. When you’re taking a showe ..

How hard water affects pressure washing

 Hotsy  Monday, March 12, 2018
At Hotsy Water Blast Manufacturing LP (/), we provide portable pressure washers (/pressure-washers/) and washer parts (/parts-catalog-form) all over Western Canada, from Edmonton to Calgary to Vancouver. To ensure that our customers get the most out of their cleaning equipment, we also provide advice on how to keep your investment working at its best. One issue that often comes up with pressur ..

Service You Can Expect from Your Local Hotsy® Dealer

 Hotsy  Monday, January 29, 2018
You’ve likely heard the expression from XYZ Company about how they “stand behind their products.” At Hotsy Water Blast, we prefer to stand before our customers, answering their questions and resolving any issues they may have — even if it’s years after the sale. Let’s say you’re a customer that bought cleaning equipment in Calgary or a power washer in Vancouver and, after two years, you  ..

So, Why Should You Choose Hotsy® Pressure Washers?

 Hotsy  Monday, January 29, 2018
In any industry, whether it’s toothbrushes or tow trucks, only 10% of new products will be successful. And, an even smaller percentage will last more than a decade. Even some of the best-engineered and most innovative products fail. One big reason: the manufacturer viewed the sale as the end of their relationship with the customer. At Hotsy Water Blast, we see the sale as just a small part of  ..

Safety Guide 101 – Industrial Pressure Washers

 Hotsy  Friday, December 29, 2017
When it comes to cleaning the toughest mud and grime, there’s only one way to go: pressure washing. At Hotsy Water Blast, we custom manufacture pressure washers (/pressure-washers/) for your specific industry needs across Vancouver, Red Deer, Calgary and Edmonton. These machines are effective, but can be dangerous if not used properly. Let our experts show you the proper way to operate your pr ..

How well do you maintain your pressure washer?

 Hotsy  Monday, December 18, 2017
Your Hotsy Water Blast (/) pressure washer (/pressure-washers/) is an investment. Not only is it an asset itself, it helps maintain your other assets. It keeps your other heavy machinery in working order, preventing unnecessary financial losses from depreciation. Maintaining your investments means keeping your Hotsy Water Blast in proper working order. It should have consistent PSI and have a  ..