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Tips for cleaning your farm equipment

August 30, 2019

There’s no understating the importance of keeping your agricultural equipment clean, especially if you want it to run at peak efficiency. A thorough cleaning also removes corrosive herbicide and fertilizer residue and allows you to detect problems masked by mud and debris such as broken parts and leakages. Ideally, equipment should be cleaned after every…

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The importance of Salt Lick for winter fleet maintenance

August 26, 2019

Winter is brutal on vehicles. Not only does the snow and cold wreak havoc on motors and tires, but salt and calcium chloride in de-icing products can cause vehicle parts to corrode and deteriorate. Damage from salt and chemicals found in ice melts can result in cars and trucks malfunctioning, possibly leading to accidents on…

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Accessory spotlight: Hotsy Telescoping Lance

August 25, 2019

If you’re cleaning floors, equipment, vehicles or other surfaces that are near or below eye level, then the standard lance that comes with your Hotsy pressure washer will do the job. However, if you need to take your cleaning to new heights, you’ll need the Hotsy Telescoping Lance. Hotsy’s adjustable Telescoping Lance comes in three…

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Know your nozzle: a guide to pressure washer nozzle spray patterns

August 21, 2019

Know your nozzle: a guide to pressure washer nozzle spray patterns Selecting the proper nozzle for your pressure washer can make the difference between delivering a quick, powerful clean and damaging the surface you’re spraying. Fortunately, manufacturers of pressure washer nozzles have made things easy on pressure washer users. Nozzles are universally colour-coded, with the…

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