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3 reasons to have a Hotsy pressure washer at your manufacturing facility

For manufacturers, having high quality cleaning equipment more than pays for itself. Here are the benefits to using a Hotsy pressure washer in your manufacturing facility.

1. It reduces downtime caused by repairs and maintenance

Your machines are central to your manufacturing plant’s operations. If sensitive processing equipment becomes clogged with grime and debris, everything could come to a standstill. Keeping your machines clean helps ensure that this potentially costly scenario doesn’t occur.

Moreover, by taking good care of your equipment, you increase its lifespan and reduce the frequency of needed maintenance and repairs. Having a rigorous cleaning regimen is hugely beneficial to your operation’s overall productivity.

2. It makes cleaning tasks more efficient

It’s important to consider the labour costs for cleaning as well as the time involved. You don’t want your employees to spend hours scrubbing grime off equipment when they can eliminate it in a matter of minutes with the high water temperatures and powerful spraying force of a pressure washer.

Hotsy’s pressure washers are among the best available. With over 120 models of industrial-grade pressure washers, there’s one that’s ideal for just about every application. Plus, Hotsy cleaning equipment can be customized to meet your needs.

Furthermore, Hotsy’s detergents are extremely effective. There are over 50 kinds, ensuring that at least one will respond to your particular cleaning needs.

3. It makes your workplace safer and more sanitary

Using a pressure washer is the most effective way to keep production floors and loading docks clean and thereby reduce slips and falls.

Hotsy pressure washers also keep workplaces sanitized. For instance, they prove indispensable in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries by ensuring that you meet cleaning validation standards. The water within a Hotsy pressure washer can reach as high as 210 degrees and there are Hotsy detergents specially designed for sanitization.

So it’s no surprise why Hotsy pressure cleaners are a staple of industrial cleaning for so many manufacturing plants. Here are some of the manufacturing industries that rely on Hotsy’s cleaning equipment:

  • The aerospace and defence industry
  • The automotive industry
  • The biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries
  • The chemical industry
  • The hydrogen and fuel cell industry
  • The medical device industry
  • The Canadian plastics industry
  • The primary metals industry
  • The Canadian rubber industry
  • The shipbuilding and industrial marine industry
  • The textiles industry
  • The Canadian space industry

Pressure washers for the manufacturing industry

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