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4 reasons you could benefit from Hotsy’s mobile services for pressure washers


mobile services for pressure washer truck from HotsyAB

Mobile services for pressure washers are indispensable for industrial cleaning businesses. Here are four reasons your business could benefit from mobile service.

  1. You need a new pressure washer installed

Mobile services can be especially helpful if you’re new to the pressure washing industry and need a portable or stationary unit installed. For example, the Hotsy Water Blast team will perform an on-site assessment before installing a new system to better understand your cleaning needs. They also provide design and engineering services to help you create a custom solution that meets your exact specifications.

  1. You own a stationary pressure washer

Mobile services are especially useful for businesses that own stationary pressure washing systems or units connected to natural gas lines. When this type of equipment breaks down, it’s extremely difficult to disassemble, move and bring in for repairs. That’s where mobile services come in. All you have to do is call a qualified technician to come out to your facility to make the repairs on-site, thereby saving you time and money.

  1. You need a replacement part

When an industrial pressure washer breaks down, it can impact all of your business operations. Having access to mobile services can help reduce downtimes and ensure your business continues to run smoothly. For example, Hotsy Water Blast carries an extensive inventory of replacement parts that can be shipped directly to your facility. In addition, our expert technicians can perform complicated repairs directly on-site.

  1. You want to keep your equipment in tip-top shape

If you want to keep your commercial pressure washing system in good working order for years to come, preventive maintenance is key. With mobile services, you can have your unit regularly inspected and serviced on-site to help you avoid costly breakdowns and workplace injuries. The team at Hotsy Water Blast can also inspect your guns, hoses, reels, nozzles and other components for possible leaks and damage.

If you need expert advice or want to upgrade your cleaning equipment, the team at Hotsy Water Blast can help.

Types of mobile pressure washers

Mobile pressure washers are typically powered by gasoline or diesel fuel. Types of mobile pressure washers include:

Many of Hotsy’s mobile pressure washer models also have hot water capability for removing grease, oil and other caked-on debris.

Advantages of mobile pressure washers

Mobile pressure washers offer a range of advantages that make them indispensable tools in various industries and for personal use. Some benefits include:

  1. Mobile pressure washers can be easily transported from one location to another, making them ideal for businesses or individuals who require cleaning services at multiple sites. Whether it’s cleaning a fleet of vehicles, a construction site or a remote location, mobile pressure washers can be readily moved to where they’re needed.
  1. You can use mobile pressure washers for a wide range of cleaning applications. From removing dirt, grime and stains on vehicles and equipment to cleaning driveways, sidewalks and building exteriors, these machines can adapt to various surfaces and tasks. They’re essential tools for maintaining cleanliness in both residential and commercial settings.
  1. High cleaning power. Mobile pressure washers deliver high-pressure water, which is effective in removing stubborn dirt and grime. The force of the pressurized water stream can quickly dislodge even the most hardened debris, providing a thorough and efficient cleaning process.
  1. Faster cleaning. Mobile pressure washers significantly reduce the time and effort required for cleaning tasks. This time-saving aspect is especially valuable for businesses that need to maintain a clean and productive environment.
  1. Enhanced sanitization. Hot water pressure washers effectively remove bacteria, viruses and contaminants from surfaces, making them invaluable for industries where hygiene is critical, such as food processing, healthcare and hospitality.
  1. Deep cleaning. Mobile pressure washers can reach into nooks and crannies that manual cleaning methods often miss. This deep cleaning capability ensures that surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, reducing the risk of mould, mildew and other harmful contaminants.
  1. Cost-effective. While the initial investment in a mobile pressure washer may seem significant, it pays off in the long run. These machines reduce the need for expensive cleaning chemicals and significantly lower labour costs due to their efficiency. Moreover, they extend the lifespan of equipment and surfaces by preventing the build-up of dirt and corrosive substances.
  1. Improved safety. By eliminating the need for manual scrubbing and the use of harsh chemicals, mobile pressure washers contribute to a safer work environment.

Mobile pressure washer services in Western Canada

If you’re having trouble with your pressure washer, the experienced technicians at Hotsy Water Blast provide comprehensive mobile services. Our team specializes in installing, repairing and servicing commercial cleaning equipment, including parts washers, car and truck washers, hydrovac systems and more. We also carry an extensive line of high gallon-per-minute (GPM) pressure washers to provide you with the cleaning power you need.

At Hotsy Water Blast, we specialize in hot water pressure washer sales and rental services, including an array of parts and accessories. We’re located in Edmonton , CalgaryLethbridgeRed DeerGrande Prairie, Langley, Regina, Williston and Bismarck, North Dakota. Contact us today for more information.