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Choosing the proper nozzle for your pressure washer project

hotsy pressure washer nozzles

Warning – utilizing the wrong sized nozzle for your pressure washer can cause equipment damage. It may also cause bodily injury and personal damage.

Pressure washers come with several nozzles individually suited for specific tasks. Pressure washer nozzles are universally colour-coded to make it easier for operators to choose the best one. Here’s a power washer nozzle guide, including some specialty nozzles that may come in handy.

Red nozzle – 0 degrees

The red nozzle has a super-focused, powerful jet often used to remove tough stains like graffiti from concrete. The jet is extremely dangerous, able to slice through skin, siding or wood, so be very careful while using the red nozzle. Besides cleaning concrete, you can use this nozzle head to knock down wasp nests. Using this stream is like writing with a pencil, so it’s more time-consuming than other nozzles for cleaning larger surfaces.

Yellow nozzle – 15 degrees

Use the yellow nozzle to remove thick muck and dirt. It’s suitable for any situation where you need to remove heavy debris from a hard surface. The yellow nozzle isn’t as powerful as the red nozzle head, but it still packs a punch and can scar wood or vinyl siding, so you still need to be careful.

Green nozzle – 25 degrees

The green nozzle has a broad range of cleaning applications. You can still clean tough stains from concrete and brick if you hold the wand close to the surface. You can also safely clean wood and siding if you keep the nozzle farther away. Use the green nozzle for all cleaning chores, including gutters, aluminum trim, sidewalks and patios.

White nozzle – 40 degrees

The white nozzle has a wider, 40-degree spray jet that’s gentle on cars, fences, stucco and wood decks. Use this nozzle head for situations requiring a lighter touch because, as a general rule, it won’t scar soft surfaces.

Black nozzle (60 degrees)

The black nozzle activates your washer’s chemical injector, so use this nozzle head when applying detergents. The black nozzle has little pressure, which engages the injector and releases detergent into the wand. You can also use the black nozzle for delicate washing, as the force is like a typical bathroom shower.

Rotating nozzle

Apart from coloured nozzles, a rotating or turbo nozzle shoots water in a circular motion, and the spray rapidly fluctuates between zero degrees (red nozzle) and 15 degrees. It increases the cleaning power of your pressure washer and reduces your cleaning time by 50 per cent.

Adjustable nozzles

Let you adjust the spray angle by twisting the nozzle head. You can also purchase special nozzles for cleaning sewer lines.

Pressure washer attachments and accessories in western Canada

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