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Differences between pressure switches and flow switches

An image of pressure washer switches and flow switches.

Pressure switches and flow switches are essential components in pressure washing systems. Each has a unique function and role. Understanding the distinctions between these two components is essential for using, maintaining and repairing your pressure washer. Here’s an overview of the key differences between pressure switches and flow switches.

What’s a pressure switch?

A pressure switch is an electrical control device designed to activate or deactivate a circuit when it senses a specific fluid pressure level, typically between 500 and 700 PSI. These switches can be set to respond to a rise in pressure (closing the circuit) or a fall in pressure (opening the circuit) based on the desired application.

What’s a flow switch?

A flow switch is a device that detects the flow or movement of a fluid within a pipe or system. When the flow reaches a certain rate, the flow switch triggers a switch or relay to open or close the circuit.

Key differences between a pressure switch and flow switch

The primary difference between pressure switches and flow switches is that pressure switches respond to changes in fluid pressure, while flow switches react to changes in fluid flow rate.

Additionally, pressure switches primarily serve safety functions, shutting down the system in case of pressure-related issues. Flow switches, on the other hand, are involved in activating and deactivating the pressure washer system based on water flow.

The role of pressure washer switches

Pressure and flow switches play a critical role in pressure washer systems for a couple of key functions:

  • Switches are integral for safety in hot water pressure washer cleaning systems. They’re responsible for shutting off the main burner flame when the trigger gun or other pressure washer attachments are closed. This action saves fuel and prevents excessive pressure buildup.
  • Pump protection. Pressure washer switches are used for trigger gun start and shutdown timer applications. They prevent the system from running when it’s not in use, ensuring that the pump’s seals aren’t damaged by excessive pressure.
  • Flow monitoring. Pressure washer flow switches are primarily used to monitor the flow of water within the pressure washer system. They can detect when water is flowing through the system and activate various components accordingly.

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