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9 uses for an industrial pressure washer in your home 

home uses of industrial pressure washer system

Industrial pressure washers are the best tool for cleaning heavy equipment and surfaces in factories or food handling sites. But what about your home? An industrial pressure washer has many domestic uses that will make you wonder how you ever lived without one. Here are nine things around your home that a pressure washer can clean. 

  1. Your barbecue. The grills on your propane barbecue can get grimy, and a pressure washer is a great tool to get them looking like new again. It only takes about 10 minutes, and your unit will shine without making your burgers taste like soap. Disconnect the propane and any electronics before you start. 
  2. Patio furniture. Plastic, wood or vinyl outdoor furniture can get coated in mould and dirt over the winter. An industrial-strength pressure washer will get them gleaming in no time. 
  3. Recreational vehicles. An industrial pressure washer is excellent for getting your boat, bicycle or ATV clean and ready for the summer. 
  4. Lawn and garden equipment. The undercarriage of your lawnmower can get clogged with caked-on grass and dirt. You could use a scraper to clean it off, but a pressure washer will make the work easier and quicker. 
  5. Your car. Imagine the money you’ll save by avoiding those expensive commercial car washes. Use your pressure washer to keep your car, truck, SUV or trailer in showroom condition. 
  6. Your fence. Cleaning your fence is essential maintenance that keeps it looking good and prolongs its lifespan. Whether it’s made of wood, vinyl, aluminum or wrought iron, an industrial pressure washer will get it in shape for the season.  
  7. Your entire house. The winter months can take a toll on vinyl or aluminum siding, brick or stucco. Your house will look like new after you use your pressure washer to clean it. Use a telescoping lance to reach high windows and a gutter cleaner to clear the leaves from your eavestroughs.   
  8. Your deck or patio. When used with the right detergents, a pressure washer will help you get your wood, vinyl or tile patio or deck ready for entertaining. 
  9. Your front stairs. Make a good first impression on anyone who visits your home by pressure washing your front stairs. Get rid of mould, moss and dirt with a quick spray-down. 

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