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How to safely operate your custom pressure washer

If your industrial or commercial pressure washer is misused, it can damage property or cause an injury. Here’s how to safely operate it.


Know the risks

The potential dangers of using a pressure washer should be well-understood prior to operating one. Be especially careful of the following:

  • Exposure to chemicals. Both the products used as cleaners and the contaminants washed away by the water jet can be dangerous. Make sure you wear proper protection to avoid contact with toxic materials.
  • Serious injury. Industrial pressure washers can cause severe and potentially fatal injuries. Always follow safety procedures when using one.
  • Musculoskeletal strain. Powerful pressure washers produce strong recoil and working with them for long periods can cause significant strain-related injuries.


Examine the equipment

Prior to each use, the pressure washer should be inspected. Start by examining every component. Look for nicks in the hose, loose nuts or connectors, malfunctioning safety mechanisms and leaks. Any defective equipment should be replace or serviced as soon as possible. In addition, equipment that’s broken or modified shouldn’t be used.


Using the washer

Here’s how to safely operate your pressure washer:

  • Check all hoses and connections before starting the machine
  • Ensure that you use the correct nozzle
  • Wear the appropriate clothing and safety gear (eye, ear and breathing protection)
  • Maintain a firm grip on the gun to avoid accidents caused by kickback
  • Uphold an appropriate distance between the jet and the surface being cleaned
  • Test the jet on a small area to ensure you won’t cause damage
  • Make sure to never point the nozzle at a person
  • Always turn the safety latches on when the washer isn’t being used
  • Ensure that the washer is off before changing a hose or nozzle

Following these guidelines is crucial to reducing the risk of injury or damage.


After using the washer

After using the washer, release any remaining pressure before disconnecting the hoses. Then, make sure to put away the washer according to the instructions in the user’s manual. This is crucial, as failing to do so could damage the machine


A commercial pressure washer expert you can count on

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