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8 Industries served by Hotsy Water Blast

For forty years, businesses from diverse sectors have relied on Hotsy pressure washers. Not only because they’re the best on the market, but also because Hotsy is a trusted industry leader known for its superior service and its unique offerings, such as mobile services and custom-built devices.

Here are eight industry sectors that rely on Hotsy.

  1. Agriculture

What do tractors, trucks, ploughs, pens, barns and lifestock have in common? They all get dirty—and not just a little bit. That’s where Hotsy comes in.

Just take Charles England’s word for it, the Head Mechanic at Capital Land and Livestock, who uses a Hotsy on the company’s 16’s trucks and cattle trailers.

Charles England, Head Mechanic at Capital Land and Livestock, speaks about why his cattle company uses only Hotsy pressure washers for its cleaning solutions.

“We’ve had other steam cleaners before and they were all the time breaking. With the Hotsy, we go right out there, we keep it on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, grab the nozzle out, clean it off and away they go.”

  1. Construction

Construction is no less messy than farming. You can count on the heavy-duty equipment getting covered in grime and muck. Our pressure washers keep this equipment clean so that it stays well-maintained and work-ready.

  1. Food Processing

Food processing facilities choose Hotsy because our pressure washers, which reach temperatures up to 200 °F (93 °C) cut through the grease, grime and residue on floors, workspaces and equipment.

Tony Sousa, Plant Manager of Lone Star Foodservice, speaks about why his meat packing plant relies on Hotsy pressure washers for maintaining a sanitary workplace.

Tony Sousa, Plant Manager of Lone Star Foodservice, uses Hotsy pressure washers to power wash, steam clean and sanitize all the equipment and surfaces at his plant. “Sanitation is the most important thing,” Sousa affirms, “and the partnership with Hotsy makes that possible.”

  1. Manufacturing

At manufacturing plants, debris, grime and dust quickly clog sensitive processing equipment. Fortunately, Hotsy’s industrial grade pressure washers are able to clean the most challenging surfaces.

  1. Marine

Hotsy’s pressure washers use biodegradable detergents to remove oil, algae and debris from commercial vessels, docks, decks and marine equipment. In doing so, these surfaces get protected from the damage caused by constant exposure to these substances as well as to salt water. Furthermore, cleaning water craft and equipment used in fresh water lakes prevents the spread of contaminants like blue green algae and whirling disease.

  1. Oil, gas and mining

Our heavy-duty pressure washers are made to cut through sludge, oil and grease and are therefore the perfect cleaning solution for extraction facilities, mines and refineries.

  1. Transportation

Hotsy’s industrial pressure washers get rid of all grime and road film, not to mention the harmful salt and chemicals used on the road during winter months.

  1. Waste Management

Our heavy-duty pressure washer and specialized detergents can wash the dirtiest and grimiest surfaces out there, including both the inside and outside of garbage trucks.

Where can you get a Hotsy pressure washer?

Looking for a top-quality, heavy duty pressure washer? Need pressure washer accessories or replacement parts? Hotsy Water Blast has ten stores, which serve customers in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and North Dakota. You can find us in Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Red Deer, Grande Prairie, Langley, Regina, Williston and Bismarck. Contact us today!