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Maximizing Efficiency: How Industrial Pressure Washer Systems Boost Productivity

Industrial Pressure washing job with chemical overspray

In China, they say time is money and efficiency is life. It may be a slogan that could be applied to North American industry as well, where all sectors from agriculture to construction, mining, and more are asked to meet bigger global demands. Of course, there are only so many hours in a day, so efficiencies need to be gained to keep things rolling. One way to boost productivity is to use an industrial power washer to reduce cleaning times and increase workflow efficiency whatever your industry. Hotsy Water Blast explains how.

Reduced Cleaning Times Lead to Efficiency

The bigger your industrial pressure washer system is, the faster you can complete a job. This is expressed by the equation


In words, this means an industrial pressure washer’s cleaning power (CU) is calculated by multiplying the pounds per square inch (PSI) of water by the gallons of water per minute (GPM) that flow through the machine. The greater the numbers in the calculation are, the faster you will wash away the dirt, grime, or mess you need to clean. The faster you do that:

  • the more that can be cleaned in a day
  • the lower the cleaning bill
  • the shorter the downtime for equipment and space
  • the more industry-specific work can be completed
  • the greater the efficiency and productivity of a site

Industrial Pressure Washer Systems

The type and size of industrial pressure washer system that you require depends on your industry and what, where, when, and how you are cleaning. The basic washer systems are:

  • hot water pressure washers – great for cleaning grease, oil, lubricants, and other viscous grime off machines and other surfaces
  • cold water pressure washers – ideal for washing away mud, dirt, and debris
  • portable industrial pressure washer systems – allow you to clean anywhere. They can be mounted onto trailers, trucks, and trolleys
  • wash bays – offer a complete stationary system to efficiently wash fleets of vehicles and equipment
  • other permanent systems – can be customized to meet your needs

Improve Your Industrial Pressure Washer System

Accessories can improve the efficiency of your industrial pressure washer for specific tasks. Try surface cleaners for flat horizontal surfaces such as garages and driveways. Turbo nozzles clean faster and more powerfully on tough grime and build-up. Sandblaster kits, telescoping wands, water brooms, and detergents can also minimize your efforts and maximize their return.

Maintenance & Prompt Repair

Regular preventative maintenance for any mechanical equipment is a proven way to prevent breakdowns and high repair costs, and your industrial pressure washer system is no different. You may have trained technicians on your payroll, or you may require an outside professional pressure washer technician to keep your system running at maximum efficiency.

Find an Industrial Pressure Washer System Near You

Whatever your industrial pressure washer system needs are, contact Hotsy Water Blast at one of our locations in western Canada. We sell, manufacture, maintain, and repair industrial pressure washer systems from many locations, including EdmontonCalgaryLethbridgeRed Deer, and Grande Prairie, as well as in Langley, Regina, and Williston and Bismarck, North Dakota.