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Product Spotlight: Pit Boss Sludge Sucker and Rip Saw Nozzle

Pressure washers have a wide range of applications, and with the right attachment, they can perform almost any job. Thanks to the Pit Boss Sludge Sucker in particular, your Hotsy power washer can now help out with even the most intensive of cleanups. Here’s what you should know about it.

The Pit Boss Sludge Sucker

The Pit Boss is a highly useful accessory which attaches to the wand of your pressure washer. When you pull the trigger, the zero-degree spray creates a Venturi that can draw up to 44 gallons of water per minute, which amounts to 2,500 gallons per hour. It can handle anything, including water, liquid waste and slurry. In fact, it can handle debris as large as 3/4 of an inch without a problem. Best of all, waste disposal is easy, thanks to the 15-foot-long discharge hose that connects to a transfer tank.

Pit Boss applications

The Pit Boss Sludge Sucker has a number of applications, including:

  • Water transfer. The Pit Boss will make quick work of any water transfer jobs, whether you need to empty a swimming pool, tank or other structure.
  • Wash bay pit cleaning. Wash bay pits collect sludge and mud, making them hard to clean unless you’re using proper equipment.
  • Food spills. Thanks to its powerful vacuum, the Pit Boss can be used to quickly and easily clean up food spills.
  • Chemical spills. These types of spills can be difficult to clean, especially if the chemicals are dangerous. Using the Pit Boss, dangerous substances can be safely removed.
  • Hydro-excavation. With the addition of the Rip Saw Nozzle, the Pit Boss provides some of the best hydro-excavation performance on the market.

 The Rip Saw Nozzle

If you work in the hydro-excavation industry, you know that having the right nozzle is crucial to ensuring efficient and professional work. That’s why Hotsy offers the Rip Saw Nozzle, which is specifically designed for hydro-excavation applications. Its cone-shaped pattern provides great performance for potholing.  With the Pit Boss’s outstanding vacuum, this nozzle will dig quickly and cleanly. In addition, its non-conductive coating ensures safety when working near utility and power lines.

Pressure washer experts near you

If you need to upgrade or replace your cleaning equipment, come see us at Hotsy Water Blast. We provide a wide range of products and services in Vancouver, Calgary, Regina and Bismarck. We carry a wide range of products, can help you design a custom pressure washer and can perform any repairs. Contact us today to get an estimate or to find out more about our products.

Hotsy Sludge Sucker