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Why it’s essential to clean your eavestroughs regularly

At Hotsy Water Blast Manufacturing LP, we offer cleaning systems, such as a pressure washer, to everyone from British Columbia to Saskatchewan, from Vancouver to Calgary. We know that the number of ways you can use a pressure washer in both commercial and home settings is virtually endless. With all the accessories you can find, the usefulness of a pressure washer only increases.

Cleaning eavestrough with Hotsy pressure washer

Did you know, for example, that pressure washers make cleaning eavestroughs easy?

What’s so important about eavestroughs?

Although they might not necessarily look it, eavestroughs are an essential part of protecting your home. In this case, the enemy is water. During snowy Canadian winters and rainy summers, controlling where water flows and where it accumulates is essential to keeping your home free of mould, pests, and rot. Even a small leak in your roof, over time, can lead to thousands of dollars of damage. Your eavestroughs, however, channel the water that falls on your roof through the downspout and into your yard (ideally, at least six feet away from your home’s foundation).

If your eavestroughs somehow become damaged or clogged, it can mean big trouble for your home. For example, water will spill over the edges of clogged eavestroughs. In the winter this can lead to dangerous hanging ice. In the summer, you can get water pooling either on your roof or next to your home’s foundation. Pooling water is an excellent way for damage to begin.

How often should I clean my eavestroughs?

Every homeowner should certainly clean his or her eavestroughs regularly. Exactly how regularly will depend on the conditions around your home. That being said, eavestroughs should be cleaned at least twice a year as a guiding rule. If there are many trees near your home that can deposit branches or leaves in your eavestroughs, you may want to clean them more often.

One of the main reasons people avoid cleaning their eavestroughs is that it’s dirty work that requires you to get out the ladder. Luckily, there are eavestroughs accessories for pressure washers that make the job simple. They reach higher than your standard water pressure hose attachment so they can give you the power of a water pressure and the reach to clean anywhere on your home with ease. If you need cleaning equipment in the Calgary, Vancouver, or Bismarck areas (or anywhere in between) contact us at Hotsy Water Blast Manufacturing LP today.