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Food processing: why you need a Hotsy pressure washer for your business

At Hotsy Water Blast, our pressure washers are designed to make a variety of cleaning tasks fast and easy. There are few industries in which reliable cleaning is more essential than in food manufacturing and processing. In the food industry, your machinery and facilities don’t need to just look clean, they need to meet rigorous health and safety standards. Failing to meet these standards can put you out of business quickly, so there’s little room for error when it comes to finding the best and most reliable cleaning equipment.

Hotsy Portable Pressure washer in Vancouver BC

If you’re wondering whether a portable pressure washer is a smart investment for your business in Calgary, Edmonton, or Vancouver, British Columbia, let us at Hotsy Water Blast give you a little information about how they can help, starting with a reminder about the value of the hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) system.

What is HACCP?

HACCP is a comprehensive method for ensuring that food and chemical processing produces safe end products. By rigorously creating a method that always results in a safe product, businesses can also save money on quality control testing of their already-finished products. This system was first developed in the 1960s in a collaborative effort between the Pillsbury Company, NASA and the U.S. Army Laboratories to produce food that could be sent on space voyages. Today it’s used widely throughout the world.

One of the most important components of HACCP when it comes to the food industry is the proper sterilization of equipment—this is a critical control point in the industry in that neglecting to properly sterilize your equipment could lead to a failure of the process, potential contamination of food, loss of business and even the failure of the business itself, if the error is severe enough. This is where a Hotsy Water Blast pressure washer can help.

How can a pressure washer help your food processing business?

At Hotsy Water Blast, we custom design pressure washers that meet every business’ unique needs. If you run a food manufacturing or processing plant, this means you need to not only getting rid of the accumulated waste that’s an inevitable part of the production process, but also ensure that the machines are thoroughly sterilized for further use. Using a custom-designed pressure washer means you can rely on your equipment to get the job done right and quickly. Reducing downtime with efficient cleaning equipment means you’ll be able to produce more with reduced labour costs—that equation translates into greater profits.

If you’re interested in finding out how a portable pressure washer can help your business in the Calgary, Edmonton, or Vancouver, British Columbia areas, contact us at Hotsy Water Blast today.