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How pressure washing can help with oil field cleaning

Oil extraction equipment working with the sunset in the background

Oil rigs are dirty places, and pressure washers play a critical role in keeping them clean. Oil is flammable and can be dangerous to work with. Therefore, keeping your oil field spotless can keep your employees and equipment safe. Here’s how pressure washing can help with oil field cleaning.

Keep equipment running smoothly

Oil fields use pieces of equipment worth millions of dollars. Failing to keep these units clean can eventually choke and corrode the machinery, resulting in expensive repairs and costly downtime. Fortunately, pressure washers are ideal for cleaning a variety of equipment and vehicles in an oil field, including:

  • Mixing augers
  • Drill pipes
  • Scooptrams
  • Transmixers
  • Muckers
  • Shovel loaders
  • Frac tanks
  • Drill rigs
  • Haul trailers
  • Generators
  • Excavators
  • Belt crawlers
  • Locomotives
  • Elevator links

It’s best to use a hot water pressure washer to get rid of sludge, grime, dirt and debris from oil field equipment. In fact, hot water pressure washers can reach more than 90 C to break apart and remove stubborn oil residue instead of pushing it around.

Additionally, diesel-powered and gasoline-powered pressure washers are perfect for remote worksites. They can go anywhere and clean anything. You can mount them on trucks or trailers to easily transport them to and from job sites.

Improve efficiency and lower operating costs

Pressure washing is the most efficient way to clean oil field equipment. In fact, pressure washers make quick work of heavy-duty cleaning tasks. Moreover, they can save a lot of elbow grease.

Furthermore, you can purchase several pressure washer attachments to help you clean difficult-to-reach areas. In addition, Hotsy Water Blast carries a variety of pressure washer detergents to help break up oily sludge more quickly. Our formulas are super-concentrated, meaning a little goes a long way.

Using a pressure washer can also maximize the efficiency of your operations. For instance, your employees will spend less time cleaning. Moreover, pressure washers use much less water than other cleaning methods, thereby saving you money on your water bill.

Lastly, purchasing a pressure washer from a reputable, authorized dealer can help you make the most of your investment. Choose a company that offers mobile pressure washer repair services, where a technician will visit your job site and repair your broken pressure washer, thereby reducing downtimes. Moreover, you can sign up for a scheduled pressure washer maintenance program to ensure your unit is always in top shape and ready for rigorous cleaning.

Hot water pressure washers in Western Canada and North Dakota

At Hotsy Water Blast, we provide custom industrial hot water pressure washers for the oil and gas industry. If you tell us what you need, we can build a custom cleaning solution to keep your rig performing at its best. Contact us today at one of our nine locations in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and North Dakota.