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Product spotlight: Fat Cap Graffiti Remover

With the right attachments and accessories, a Hotsy pressure washer can tackle a wide variety of cleaning tasks, including graffiti removal. Thanks to Hotsy’s Fat Cap Graffiti Remover, you can use your pressure washer to blast away graffiti within minutes. Here’s how to erase graffiti with this highly effective, Hotsy-exclusive product.

How it works

Hotsy’s Fat Cap Graffiti Remover is a liquid detergent specifically designed to lift spray paint with its deep penetrating capability. This product works on numerous surfaces, including:

  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Painted stone
  • Wood
  • Masonry
  • Painted masonry

This graffiti remover is easy to apply and works quickly. It also rinses away completely, so you won’t be left with stains, discolouration or residue.

How to use it

Whereas other detergents are added directly to the pressure washer, the Fat Cap formula is applied to surfaces as a pre-treatment before you start pressure washing. You can use a paint roller, a garden sprayer or another spray device to apply the product.

To begin, fully cover the affected area with a single coat of undiluted Fat Cap Graffiti Remover. Allow the detergent to sit for 90 seconds, then blast the surface with an industrial hot water pressure washer. Repeat this process if any paint remains.

The importance of removing graffiti right away

Graffiti mars the appearance of buildings and infrastructure, which can make your business look rundown and unsafe. This lack of curb appeal can keep customers away and affect your company’s image. Therefore, it’s best to promptly deal with this issue.

In addition, graffiti begets more graffiti. In fact, it tends to occur in clusters, with vandals leaving their mark beside existing graffiti. If you can get rid of the spray paint within a day or two, however, you reduce the likelihood of more vandalism occurring.

Finally, it’s generally easier to remove all traces of graffiti from a surface if you act quickly. This is because graffiti paint penetrates deeper into the surface over time, which makes it increasingly difficult to remove.

Banish graffiti with the help of Hotsy

Hotsy Water Blast carries the complete line of Hotsy detergents, including the Fat Cap Graffiti Remover. In addition, we offer more than 100 models of Hotsy industrial pressure washers and a wide range of Hotsy pressure washer parts and accessories. Contact us today to find a cleaning solution for your business in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan or North Dakota.