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Get to know Hotsy

For nearly 50 years Hotsy has been the gold standard for pressure washers in North America. If you know pressure washers, you know Hotsy. But how well acquainted are you with the legacy of the company and of their famed red pressure washers? Keep reading to get a glimpse into the history of Hotsy and their superior products.

How Hotsy came to be

Have you ever wondered how the name for the brand was established? Though “Hotsy” may seem like a whimsical choice, it’s actually derived from two words: “hot” and “system.”

The catchy name initially belonged to an industrial pressure washer built by Silfer Manufacturing and marketed by Kanco Tech. However, In 1970 a man by the name of Bob Cohen discovered Silfer Manufacturing’s Hotsy pressure washer.

Cohen was a trucker at the time and right away he recognized the great potential of the product in the truck fleet washing industry. It could clean a large semi-truck top to bottom in almost no time at all. Cohen had so much confidence in the product that he bought both Silfer Manufacturing and Kanco Tech. He called the new company Hotsy.

It didn’t take long before Hotsy became the most recognized brand in the high-pressure cleaning equipment industry. It went from having a handful of steam cleaners to over 100 models of hot- and cold-water pressure washers. Not only that, it backed its equipment with North America’s largest network of service centres.

Where Hotsy has been

Hotsy pressure washers have cleaned just about everything and at every corner of the continent. They’ve hosed down alligator hides for bootmaking in Ciudad Juârez, Mexico; they’ve polished off oranges destined for your local grocery store in Dinuba, California and they’ve even cleaned jet fighters in the Middle East for American troops.

What’s more, they’ve been regulars at the most famous sports stadiums. For example, Hotsy pressure washers have been used at Broncos Stadium at Mile High in Denver, Texas Stadium in Irving (where the Cowboys played for 38 seasons), Busch Stadium in St. Louis and PNC Park in Pittsburgh.

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