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Tips for cleaning your farm equipment

There’s no understating the importance of keeping your agricultural equipment clean, especially if you want it to run at peak efficiency. A thorough cleaning also removes corrosive herbicide and fertilizer residue and allows you to detect problems masked by mud and debris such as broken parts and leakages.

Ideally, equipment should be cleaned after every use or at the very least before storing. The most efficient and effective way to clean your agricultural equipment is with a hot water pressure washer. Here are the steps to follow when using one to get rid the dirt and grime on your farm machines.

  • Set up a washing station

Farm equipment should be washed on an unpaved area. This allows the soapy water to soak into the ground to be filtered and replenish the groundwater. Washing your equipment on a paved surface is detrimental to the environment, as the runoff flows into a storm drain and the contaminated water is discharged into a nearby lake or stream.

If you have a well, make sure to wash your equipment at least 100 feet away from the wellhead.

  • Prep your equipment

Pre-rinse the equipment with hot water, then apply the detergent or degreaser at a low pressure so that the product doesn’t splash away. Allow the product to sit for five to 10 minutes.

Use a detergent or degreaser that’s formulated for your particular cleaning task. For example, you can’t use the same product to remove grease from a tractor and fruit debris and sap from orchard equipment.

At Hotsy Water Blast, we offer more than 50 types of detergents. Talk to us to find out which products are suited to your cleaning needs.

  • Wash and rinse

Thoroughly wash the equipment using a high pressure setting. Farm equipment is made of durable metal and can easily withstand hot, high-pressure water. Use the lances and accessories recommended in your pressure washer’s manual or speak with your local Hotsy dealer to get more specific cleaning instructions if needed.


Finally, perform a rinse, going from top to bottom so as not to leave streaks.


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Hotsy pressure washers in Western Canada

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