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5 benefits of wash bay systems

Washing a truck with a high-powered wash bay pressure washer

Businesses in the agriculture, mining, oil and construction industries use heavy-duty vehicles that require industrial-strength cleaning. Wash bay systems are an effective solution for companies that must wash down multiple vehicles daily. Here are some of the many benefits of wash bays for industrial cleaning processes.

1. They increase efficiency

Wash bays are highly efficient cleaning systems because multiple users can clean simultaneously using hot water from the same pressure washer. Plus, having a dedicated wash bay means you don’t have to assemble and transport mobile pressure washers outside to clean your vehicles. Consequently, your workers will spend less time cleaning.

2. They reduce operating costs

You can connect a hot water pressure washer in your wash bay to your facility’s existing natural gas, propane or electricity source. It’s less expensive to run an electric pressure washer or one fuelled by natural gas than it is to operate a gasoline or diesel-powered pressure washer.

Besides fuel, you can install a water recycling system in your wash bay to collect and process wash water so that you can reuse it, saving money on your water bills.

3. They increase safety

Wash bays are secure and safe places for workers to clean vehicles. For instance, operators work far away from regular workflows and traffic areas. Moreover, trolleys and booms keep hoses off the ground so they don’t become tripping hazards. Wash bays can also have coated flooring to prevent slipping.

4. They’re customizable

Wash bays can be tailor-made to your business’s exact needs. The engineers at Hotsy can design and build a wash bay with a wide range of accessories, including:

  • Undercarriage cleaners
  • Retractable curtain walls to reduce overspray
  • Detergents and detergent tanks so you can buy in bulk and avoid frequent refilling
  • Remote controls to control power, heat and detergent
  • Heavy-duty hoses
  • Various nozzles and wands to suit any cleaning need
  • Hose reels, booms and trolleys to keep hoses off the ground

5. They provide increased control

Installing an enclosed wash bay system means you don’t have to worry about rain, snow or dirt getting into your cleaning space. If you install lighting in the wash bay area, your operators can clean equipment day and night.

Custom wash bay pressure washer systems in Western Canada

At Hotsy Water Blast, we can design, build and install your custom pressure washer system to meet your exact needs. A Hotsy representative will visit your job site and work with you to ensure you have the most efficient and durable cleaning solution. We’re located in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and North Dakota. Contact HotsyAB today to schedule an appointment or get a free, no-obligation estimate.