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How Hotsy AB contributes to sustainability in the waste management industry

Two men in orange uniforms working in waste management industry

One of the most significant social changes in recent decades has been the increasing importance of environmental sustainability. What used to be a niche concern of activists is now a serious concern for governments and corporations worldwide.

At Hotsy Water Blast, we care deeply about the environment and want to do what we can to help preserve it for future generations. That’s why we’re proud to offer a range of washing systems and cleaning products that help the waste management industry reduce energy and water consumption. Here are four Hotsy products that can help your business be more sustainable.

1. Hot water pressure washer

One of the many benefits of Hotsy hot water pressure washers is that they don’t need harsh pressure washer detergents or toxic chemicals to cut through oil, grease and grime. Instead, the high heat and incredible pressure are sufficient.

2. Steamer

Hotsy steamers use very little water on account of their incredible efficiency. For example, you only need four litres of water to wash an entire car. Moreover, steamers rely on efficient heating systems to generate superior cleaning power. Therefore, using a steamer is far less energy and labour intensive than manually cleaning with a hose.

3. Biodegradable detergent

Certain jobs require the use of detergents and sanitizing agents. Fortunately, Hotsy carries an impressive selection of biodegradable cleaning solutions. Our detergents are formulated with advanced HCC additives that help prevent scale buildup and corrosion. This allows you to keep your equipment clean and maintain its lifespan.

4. Wash bay

If you frequently clean large equipment, installing a wash bay system is one of the best investments you can make. Wash bays are made up of a stationary pressure washer and a moveable set of hoses and wands. You can easily install a water recycling system to collect and process wash water to be reused.

Moreover, you can equip your system with a hydrominder that automatically portions and mixes concentrated soaps with water at a pre-determined ratio to ensure you only use what’s necessary

Additionally, installing a water softener on your wash bay system can help limit how much detergent you use by removing minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, which can otherwise cause scaling.

Your trusted source for industrial-strength cleaning systems

Hotsy Water Blast has a variety of practical and environmentally friendly commercial cleaning products and solutions. Our expertly trained staff do it all; from installing an in-plant pressure washer and designing custom cleaning solutions to providing you with the parts and accessories you need. We serve customers in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Colombia and North Dakota. Contact us today for a quote.