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The Hotsy Foam Cannon: what you need to know

A trucker uses the Hotsy Foam Canon while washing his truck.

Do you have a tough cleaning job that you need to get through? When washing stubborn grit and grime off trucks, tractors and other heavy equipment, a standard spray nozzle often doesn’t do the trick. What’s needed is a Hotsy Foam Cannon. Keep reading to learn more about these effective pressure washer cleaning solutions.

What’s the Hotsy Foam Cannon?

Hotsy Foam Canon, a pressure washer attachment from Hotsy, attaches to the wand in place of the nozzle and shoots out detergent foam as thick as shaving cream. This thick blanket of foam adheres to all surfaces, wet or dry, allowing the detergent to work longer and more effectively. As the foam bubbles expand and burst, the cleaning agents cut into and break down dirt and grime.

The pressure washer foam cannon is simple to take on and off the wand and attaches to all cold or hot Hotsy pressure washers with a water pressure of 3,000 PSI and under.

Uses for the Hotsy Foam Cannon

If you work with vehicles and equipment that accumulate tough-to-get-rid-of grit and grime, you could undoubtedly benefit from adding a Hotsy Foam Canon to your pressure washer cleaning systems. Here are just a few of the industries where this accessory comes in handy.

  • Ideal for dirty tractors, balers, combines, ploughs, mowers and more.
  • Construction. Effortlessly cleans equipment at muddy construction sites with caked-on dirt and grime.
  • Oil, gas and mining. Suitable for equipment that has accumulated oil residue or other tough-to-clean substances.
  • Transportation. Perfect for fleets of trucks, freighters, buses and rail cars, that have collected a coat of dust, dirt and salt on the road.

How to use the Hotsy Foam Cannon

The Hotsy Foam Cannon is extremely easy to use. Simply fill the detergent reservoir with Hotsy detergent, attach the accessory to the nozzle and start cleaning. The pressure stream mixes the detergent with air and water, producing a foam that reaches a 30-foot radius. Thoroughly cover the surface you’re cleaning with the foam and then rinse with your pressure washer.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Hotsy Foam Cannon.

Why use a foam cannon with a pressure washer?

Using a foam cannon with a pressure washer offers several benefits. First, it helps evenly distribute a thick layer of foam that sticks to the cleaning surface, whether it’s a vehicle, outdoor siding or heavy equipment. This foam serves as a pre-soak that helps loosen dirt, grime and contaminants effectively. The foam also clings to vertical surfaces, allowing for longer contact time and better cleaning results. Additionally, a foam cannon makes the cleaning process more efficient and can help reduce the chance of streak marks or scratches that can occur when scrubbing dry or dirty surfaces.

Do you need to scrub after using a Hotsy Foam Cannon?

In many cases, you don’t need to scrub vigorously after using a pressure washer foam cannon. The foam generated by the cannon is designed to encapsulate dirt and lift it off the surface, making it easier to rinse away with the pressure washer. However, in some instances where the grime or contaminants are particularly stubborn, or you want a deep cleaning, gently scrubbing with a wash mitt or brush may be necessary for best results. One of the key advantage of using a pressure washer foam cannon is that it significantly reduces the effort required for manual scrubbing.

Is it worth buying a pressure washer foam cannon?

The value of a pressure washer foam cannon largely depends on your specific cleaning needs and preferences. In commercial and industrial settings such as wash bays and fleet cleaning areas, a foam cannon can vastly improve efficiency and reduce labour time and expenses, making it a valuable addition to your pressure washer attachments. Besides improved efficiency, a foam cannon can also help extend the life and appearance of your investments and make your detergent go significantly further. Therefore, a Hotsy Foam Cannon is a wise investment if you prioritize a thorough and easy cleaning experience.

How effective can a foam cannon be in deep cleaning?

A foam cannon is an effective tool for deep cleaning, especially when used in conjunction with a pressure washer. The thick foam it produces is excellent at loosening and lifting dirt, grime, road salt and other contaminants. This makes deep cleaning tasks more manageable and can help you achieve professional-level results. If you’re looking to deep clean a heavily soiled or neglected surface, a Hotsy Foam Cannon is a valuable tool in your cleaning arsenal.

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