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How to choose the right pressure washer for your commercial kitchen or food processing

a cleaned commercial kitchen.

If you run a restaurant, you know how important it is to keep the kitchen and food prep areas clean and hygienic. Investing in the right pressure washer can significantly reduce cleaning time, increasing efficiency and production. When choosing a pressure washer for your commercial kitchen, consider four things.

  1. Gas or electric?

Unlike their gas-powered counterparts, electric pressure washers are quiet and entirely safe for indoor use as they don’t produce harmful fumes. You also don’t need to worry about refuelling an electric pressure washer or performing costly engine maintenance.

  1. Portable or stationary?

If you have limited space in your food prep area, consider installing a stationary pressure washer. These units are connected to your facility’s existing electricity source. They often come with a spring-driven or electrically operated retractable hose to keep everything contained and prevent a tripping hazard. You also don’t have to worry about the pressure washer taking up space in your storage room.

A portable unit may be just as effective if you’re on a budget. These small units are lightweight and mounted to an easy-to-manoeuvre trolley, so you can easily clean in corners and narrow spaces.

  1. Hot or cold water?

While cold-water pressure wsashers have their place for specific tasks, hot-water units are far more suitable in commercial kitchens. The hot water effortlessly melts grease, grime, oil deposits and food and beverage spills. When paired with industrial-grade detergents, you can rest assured that any food contact surfaces are thoroughly sanitized.

  1. Attachments and accessories?

You must also consider compatible accessories and attachments when purchasing a pressure washer for your commercial kitchen. For example, investing in a 50- or 100-foot pressure washer hose can help you reach every inch of your kitchen and easily wash back-end areas, including the garbage corral. Moreover, a water broom can quickly clean dirty floors.

Hotsy Water Blast carries a range of attachments for the pressure washers we sell. Our wide variety of nozzles, guns, lances and other items can help you effectively decontaminate workspaces and public areas.

Pressure washers for the commercial food industry

Do you run a commercial kitchen or food processing operation? Hotsy Water Blast has the pressure washing or sanitizing system you need to keep your facility clean and compliant. We also provide comprehensive pressure washer repair and maintenance services to keep your business running. Contact us today for more information or to receive a free quote. We have seven locations throughout Western Canada and two locations in North Dakota.