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6 benefits of using steam for sanitizing and disinfecting

hotsy water blast sanitizing steamer

  Commercial steam cleaners are growing in popularity as businesses become more concerned about sanitization and reducing their environmental impact. Commercial steam cleaners tick these boxes and many more. Here are six benefits of using a steam cleaner. 1. They’re portable Many industrial steam cleaners run on diesel or gasoline. This means you can use…

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Cleaning construction equipment with a hot water pressure washer

dirty construction equipment

Construction equipment regularly gets covered in grease, mud and cement, making it hard to keep clean. That’s why the construction industry needs pressure washers. Regular cleaning is integral to preventative maintenance and extends the life of your equipment. Here’s how to clean construction equipment with a pressure washer. Choose the best pressure washer for the…

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How to remove weeds with a steam cleaning machine

weeds between bricks

A steam cleaner is a versatile piece of equipment that can quickly and effectively clean and disinfect a variety of surfaces. Additionally, it can be used to help get rid of weeds without herbicides or chemicals. Here’s how to turn your steam cleaning machine into an effective weed killer. Why steam kills weeds A steam…

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How to use a disinfecting and sanitizing machine

Man in hazmat suite using a disinfecting machine

The global pandemic has made cleaning and sanitizing homes and businesses more critical than ever. Sanitizing cold-fogging machines are an effective tool that kills unseen pathogens in hard-to-reach places. They’re easy to use and you can disinfect your environment quickly with one. Here’s what you should know. About sanitizing machines Sanitizing machines are also called…

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6 unusual uses for a pressure washer

Cleaning the drainpipe with a power washer

Pressure washers can be used for more than just washing the car, the deck and the driveway. Here are six unusual tasks you might want to tackle with your electric- or gas-powered pressure washer. Scaling fish. Cleaning a freshly caught fish isn’t a pleasant job. Removing the scales can be tedious and smelly. A pressure…

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Pressure cleaning solutions for the food processing industry

Food processing checklist

In food processing, hygiene is paramount. Most facilities make a variety of food products at multiple stations with numerous ingredients. Consequently, there’s a constant risk of cross-contamination, and that bacteria and viruses will infect the food produced. Here’s how to choose the best pressure washer to minimize the risk. Consider the ideal temperature A hot…

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4 advantages of leasing your pressure washer

two men discussing in a pressure washer showroom

If you need a new pressure washer for your business but money is tight, you may want to consider leasing. This option allows you to get the equipment you need right away, without having to put any money down. Here are four reasons you should consider leasing your next pressure washer. You can benefit from…

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4 reasons you could benefit from Hotsy’s mobile services for pressure washers

Mobile services for pressure washers are indispensable for industrial cleaning businesses. Here are four reasons your business could benefit from mobile service. 1. You need a new pressure washer installed Mobile services can be especially helpful if you’re new to the pressure washing industry and need a portable or stationary unit installed. For example, the…

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4 benefits of enclosed trailer-mounted pressure washers

Contract cleaners need portable cleaning equipment that’s reliable, effective and durable. If you’re constantly bringing your pressure washer from jobsite to jobsite, you may want to invest in a fully enclosed trailer. Here are four major benefits of investing in a mobile pressure washing setup. 1. They offer superior protection Industrial pressure washing equipment isn’t…

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How to choose a pressure washer pump

The pump is the heart of any pressure washer. It’s responsible for generating a high-pressure water stream and is what makes your pressure washer an efficient cleaning system. If you need a new pressure washer pump, here are a few things to consider. What are PSI and GPM? PSI and GPM dictate the cleaning power…

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