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4 common pressure washing mistakes


Pressure washers can effectively clean off years of dirt and grime in mere seconds. However, if misused, they can also cause considerable damage to whatever you’re trying to clean. Although you can certainly have fun using them, remember that pressure washers aren’t toys. Here are four mistakes to avoid the next time you use one.

1. Using too much pressure

The number one way to cause damage when using a pressure washer is to use the wrong pressure setting. For example, asphalt requires significantly greater pressure than aluminum or wood. You must also be careful around gutters, plants, roofs and painted surfaces, which can suffer instantaneous damage if hit with too high a pressure. You can even shatter windows! Therefore, remember to carefully read the user manual to determine the proper pressure level to use.

2. Cleaning in the incorrect order

When working on cleaning jobs, many people tend to do the easy parts first and leave the difficult tasks for later. Although suitable in some situations, you should never do this when using a pressure washer. Instead, the first thing you should clean is likely the most challenging. For instance, when cleaning your home, start with the roof and work your way down. Remember that dirt that comes off what’s higher up will end up on what’s below.

3. Forgetting to use detergents

Although water alone can do a lot, using a pressure washer in combination with high-quality detergents can help quickly loosen dirt and grime with minimal effort. It would help if you also remembered to let the cleaning product sit for a few minutes before washing it off. This allows the solution to deeply penetrate the surface you’re trying to clean.

4. Using the wrong nozzle

Many pressure washer rentals come with various nozzles. Therefore, you must use the right one for your cleaning needs. For example, use high numbered nozzles for stubborn dirt and grime and save the low numbered nozzles for minor clean-ups. If using detergents, make sure to use an appropriate nozzle that won’t get clogged.

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