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The Benefits of Using Steam Cleaning in your Food Processing Plant

Steam cleaner

In a food processing facility, nothing is more important than maintaining a sterile work environment. This ensures that you don’t run afoul of strict food safety regulations or put the health of consumers at risk. Steam cleaning is among one of the most effective and efficient ways of sterilizing surfaces in a food processing plant. Here are the advantages of commercial steam cleaning.


No need for chemical products

Steam cleaning allows you to disinfect surfaces with water alone. This is because the temperature of the steam is high enough to kill all bacteria, germs and mould. Here are the main advantages of avoiding chemical cleaning products:

  • It helps you and your employees prevent allergic reactions and other potentially harmful health effects
  • It helps protect surrounding ecosystems by eliminating the ejection of toxic chemicals into the water system
  • It helps you save money since you don’t need to buy detergent


Quick and energy-efficient sanitizing

When you disinfect a surface with a steamer, it’s has a short drying time with minimal moisture. Steam cleaned surfaces can therefore be used immediately after spraying. This helps prevent bacteria transmission and improves overall efficiency.

Steamers further facilitate cleaning by allowing you to wash a given surface without water running off and possibly pooling. You’ll also avoid accidentally spraying things that shouldn’t get wet. In addition, steam cleaning uses a minimal amount of water, which translates to appreciable energy savings.


Ideal for delicate surfaces

Steam cleaning is gentle on surfaces. It’s therefore an ideal cleaning method for washing and sanitizing surfaces that can be damaged by high water pressure. This includes items such as:

  • Glass
  • Porcelain
  • Painted materials
  • Delicate equipment


However, it’s good to also have a hot water pressure washer on hand for tougher cleaning jobs. This includes tasks such as removing thick grime and caked-on dirt from heavy equipment and trucks as well as cleaning large areas such as parking lots and warehouse floors.


Hotsy steamers and other commercial cleaning systems

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